Short Story Book Club is a charitable 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our mission is to foster the celebration, preservation, reading, and development of short stories through community involvement, literary engagement, entertainment, and scholarship for both children and adults.

We achieve our vision through the implementation of a variety of programs, including the following, which we consider to be our flagship initiatives.

Storied Scholars: Focused on educational initiatives, this program partners with schools, educators, and families to build confident readers, encouraging a lifetime of engagement broadly with all types of literature, including the vast variety of short stories. The Short Story Book Club Scholarship is part of Storied Scholars.

Annual Short Story Writing Contest: From May to August, writers submit their best short stories for entry and a chance to win a prize. Winners are published in the Short Story Book Club magazine.

Short Story Fest: During National Short Story Month (May), Short Story Book Club celebrates the short story genre with a multi-day festival. The event showcases new authors and gives festival-goers the opportunity to sit in on workshops, author chats, panel discussions, and just-for-fun activities.

Book Reviews: Acknowledging that book reviews are a critical component to raising awareness about literature of all types, Short Story Book Club places a strong emphasis on the facilitation and sharing of book reviews. We engage in a number of community-based projects that fall under this umbrella.

Folks Read: These programs are community-based and are aimed at reaching a diversity of readers, especially those who are traditionally underserved.

Academy: Our signature, scaffolded writing programs help authors develop in their voice and technique.