What’s the difference between a novella, a collection, and an anthology?

Great question! There are many definitions that describe what a short story is. Some people define them by page length. Others by the number of words in the story. Still others will judge a story by the length of time it takes to read.

Short Story Book Club defines shorts stories as works that are fewer than 300 pages. Of course, there will be some variation since not all books are the same size.

Collections and anthologies may be of any number of pages. The key difference is how the stories are put together. Short Story Book Club defines collections as a series of stories all written by the same author. Anthologies are collections of stories written by different authors and assembled by an editor.

What is narrative nonfiction?

Nonfiction that uses many of the same writing techniques that you would find in a work of fiction is what we consider narrative nonfiction. It differs dramatically from the technical, scientific, or journalistic writing that you may be used to associating with nonfiction. Narrative nonfiction reads much like fiction.