Football Short Stories

Unrecognizable American football player preparing a ball for kick off on a playing field.

It’s football season. You have your game day gear on. You’ve got the food heating on the stove. You’re almost ready for the pre-game show, but before you dive in, you want to have a great football story to share with your friends before the party starts. What do you do? You could head over to surf the Internet, or you could quickly read a harrowing short story of a famous football player with an inspiring true life experience. Or maybe you could just wow them with your knowledge of rare facts.

Here’s a brief list of football short stories
that you can read quickly before the game.

Andrew McKay’s Inspirational Sports Story Series

First in the lineup is a series of shorts by Andrew McKay. He is the author of several books that tell the stories of popular giants in the sport world. His football titles include the following:

Football’s Best Short Stories

Part of another short story series, Football’s Best Short Stories, is a short story collection of fiction (and one poem) about the sport of football. This classic anthology features stories written in a breezy magazine style.

The Great Book of Football: Interesting Facts and Sports Stories

Here we have a hodgepodge of football trivia and stories in the The Great Book of Football. It’s described as a “treasure trove” of stories and facts about the sport and the fans and players who make up the game.

Quarterback Sneak

A suspenseful book for young children, Quarterback Sneak tells the story of a star football player who one day begins acting very strange on the field. And it’s messing everyone else up. At just 72 pages, this story can be read in an afternoon for an ambitious or highly interested reader.

Rough Tackle: A Football Romance Story

Who says you can’t get steamy when you talk about sports? Rough Tackle is a football-oriented romance novel about a physical therapist who finds herself assigned to work with a hunky Superbowl star.

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