SSBC Podcast: Arabella Federico’s Little Red

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Short Story Discussion Podcast with Arabella Federico, author of “Little Red” 

These days, everything is being re-made. The Little Mermaid, Lion King, Mary Poppins. But one re-make you cannot miss out on is Arabella Federico’s take on Little Red Riding Hood titled Little Red

On this week’s Short Story Book Club podcast, we speak with Arabella Federico about everything–from where she got her start in writing to her career as a makeup artist. Arabella talks about the classes she took to enhance her writing skills, teachers who inspired her, as well as her natural ability to create a true vision in each of her stories. 

Focusing mainly in sci-fi as a self-proclaimed “nerd,” Arabella has always been an artist at heart. During the podcast, Arabella speaks about how her job as a makeup artist gave her the ability to focus on her career in writing and discover her true passion as a writer. Many people say that Arabella has a knack for creating exceptionally vivid stories, something many writers find hard to do. Discover for yourself just how Arabella brings her stories to life in her short story Little Red, as well as learn more about her upcoming series, Mark of Creation, which is sure to be filled with drama and suspense.

Visit Arabella’s blog at to learn more about the upcoming trilogy. And of course, listen to her tell all on the Short Story Discussions Podcast by Short Story Book Club. 

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