SSBC Podcast: Holiday Reinhorn

In the latest episode of the Short Story Discussions podcast, we chat with short-story writer Holiday Reinhorn. She is the author of Big Cats: Stories from Free Press. A graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, she is also the author of award-winning fiction that has been featured in numerous literary magazines and anthologies, including This Is Not Chick Lit (Random House), The Worst Years of Your Life (Simon & Schuster), and Naming the World (Random House).

Holiday’s fiction has received a Tobias Wolff Award, a PEN/ Short Story Award, and a Carl Djerassi Fiction Fellowship.

On the podcast, Holiday chats with us about her experiences as an actor turned writer and storyteller, experimenting with a variety of creative avenues before settling on short stories as her medium. She also tells us about the creative and social secret she uses to keep writing regularly (a great tip for aspiring writers), and how she manages to find the time to write with a busy schedule, which includes co-founding Lide Haiti, an arts and literacy program that provides scholarships, tutoring, and educational support to over 850 girls in 14 rural villages.

You can find Holiday online at and learn more about Lide Haiti at

Enjoy the show!

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