SSBC Podcast: Sherrie Flick

Sherrie Flick

Thank Your Lucky Stars is the latest collection of short stories by author Sherrie Flick. It’s a beautiful collection featuring the stories of women and men who are exquisite perhaps because of their imperfection. You can’t help but feel judgmental one minute and sorry the next for some of these characters. I recall one story: “Sweetie Pie.” It’s a short story about infidelity written with less than 100 words, but it got my husband and I talking for hours. That story is just one small example of how engaging all of Flick’s stories are. Her collection is a treasure trove of experiences and emotion, and it was a pleasure to discuss it with her on the podcast.

On the show, we talk with Flick about her short story writing, food writing, and some of the projects she has lined up for the months ahead.

You can also learn more about Flick on her website at

Enjoy the show!

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