The Geometry of Universal Mind

The Geometry of Universal Mind

Geometry was one of the few math courses I remember where I earned an A in school. Geometry was so fun, and it was logical. So, when I found this book you can imagine how intrigued I was.

As the title suggests, The Geometry of Universal Mind considers meaning of life and understanding how you fit into the world. Following each chapter, there are geometrical exercises that allow you to apply or experience the historical and mathematical concepts that are presented in the text. It’s like a workbook for understanding how geometry connects to philosophy, an aspect of the math you don’t learn in school.

I don’t think you have to like math to enjoy this book, though. It’s written more to soothe the mind than to challenge it. People who enjoy puzzles or engineering (think LEGOs and JENGA) will really enjoy this book. Older math whiz kids and adults will learn a thing or two as well.

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