The Golden Age of Writing with Andy Plattner on Short Story Book Club

On this week’s Podcast with Short Story Book Club, we speak with author Andy Plattner. He specializes in fictional stories that capture detail and showcase older characters in a way most writers are not capable of.

Andrew tells us how he came to be a writer and honed his skills throughout his career. He gives advice on how to become a great writer and offers encouragement in that today is “the golden age” for writers. The podcast talks about how there are so many mediums for writers to get there work out into the world today that it’s impossible not to get noticed if you’re a good writer. Plattner discusses how when he is working on a book, he becomes so truly encompassed in the work and his entire life is engulfed by it.

Lastly, we talk about Plattner’s manuscript, “Terminal” from Dixie Luck, and how it really delves into the older generation depicting a very vivid story. Plattner’s number one piece of advice to writers is that writing is all about details, there is no story without details. See for yourself how Plattner captures even the slightest details in his novels, as well as listen to his advice on this week’s podcast with Short Story Book Club.

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